2022/23 Digital Student Matinee Program

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BroadStage is happy to announce that our Digital Student Matinee Program is back, and will include two Digital Student Matinees accompanied by Learning Guides — written for audiences anywhere from 6th graders to curious adults.




Air Play

by Acrobuffos

March 6-17, 2023

“A joy from start to finish, Air Play will entrance children, and will act as a great reset button for stressed adults.” – Sydney Morning Herald

Umbrellas fly, fabrics soar over the audience, balloons swallow people and snow swirls, filling the stage. A visual poem, using no words, brings to life the very air we breathe. With stunning images and gales of laughter, Air Play bounces on the edge of definition: part comedy, part sculpture, part circus, part theatre, all while transforming ordinary objects into uncommon beauty. Great for all ages!

Air Play Learning Guide here


Company Chaliwaté & Focus


April 17-28, 2023

“superb theatre for our time and a wonderful experience for all audience[s] of all ages, encouraging us to appreciate the world we live in while also contemplating the future.” — InDaily

Somewhere in the near future, a family is about to spend their Sunday together as strong winds and torrential rains rage outside. Meanwhile, three filmmakers journey to the edge of the earth to document a variety of animal extinctions before meeting their own apocalyptic fate. Through an ingenious blend of clowning, puppetry, and plain old theatrical magic, Dimanche paints a witty and tender portrait of humanity surprised by the uncontrollable forces of nature. 

Dimanche Learning Guide here.

Image of Air Play by Nikola Milatovic. Image of Dimanche courtesy of Company Chaliwaté & Focus.