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Digital Student Matinees

Our Digital Student Matinee Program provides educators with access to free performance screenings for their students 6th grade and up! A Learning Guide created specifically for each performance supports connections to State Education and Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Standards as students experience the arts in their classrooms.

Thank you for participating in BroadStage's Digital Student Matinee Program!

Alanna Mitchell’s

Sea Sick

Award-winning journalist Alanna Mitchell is a master storyteller, and this power is center stage in her mesmerizing solo show, Sea Sick. Culled from her work with leading ocean scientists and infused with her innate ability to lure an audience in, Sea Sick tells Mitchell’s most important story: her journey to the bottom of the ocean, the demons she discovered there and, most importantly, her hope for the future. 

Matinee Dates: April 14-27, 2023

Duration: 67 minutes

Registration Deadline has been extended to Wednesday April 10, 2024.

Be Curious and learn more about Alanna’s journey in this VIDEO and through this ARTICLE. The Sea Sick LEARNING GUIDE topics include: Environmental Journalism, Weather and Climate Change, Ocean Acidification.

Ashwini Ramaswamy’s

Let The Crows Come

Evoking mythography and ancestry, Ashwini Ramaswamy’s Let the Crows Come uses the metaphor of crows as messengers for the living and guides for the departed. In a series of solos/trios, the Indian dance form Bharatanatyam is deconstructed and recontextualized with collaborators Alann Morris and Berit Ahlgren, who infuse the work with their own traditions of Modern and African Diasporic dance and the Gaga movement from Israel. The original, live score features South Indian instruments, electroacoustic cello, and sound sampling/turntables.

Matinee Dates: 2/4/24 - 2/17/24

Duration: 50 minutes

Be Curious and learn more about Ashwini’s artistic process in this VIDEO and through this ARTICLE. The Let The Crows Come LEARNING GUIDE topics include: Bharatanatyam Dance, Modern Dance, African Diasporic Dance, Gaga Dance, Cultural Identity.

Ephrat Asherie Dance’s


An original dance work that brings together street and club dances, including breaking, hip hop, house and vogue. Setting these moves to music by Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth who mixed early 20th century romantic music with samba and other popular Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Ephrat Asherie Dance creates a high energy fusion of movement. 

Matinee Dates: November 5-18, 2023

Duration: 60 minutes

Special Note: Viewing of this Matinee is limited to LAUSD, SMMUSD and Santa Monica College.

Be Curious and learn about Ephrat’s collaboration with her brother Ehud in this INTERVIEW and through this ARTICLE. The ODEON LEARNING GUIDE topics include: Social Dance, Ragtime, History of Hip Hop.