The Edye


The Edye is 43' x 43' empty (1,849 sq. ft.). There is no stage. Chairs are on the floor and on risers. 

The performance area with platform risers for seating is:

20' w x 31' 1" with ground row chairs
25' w x 34' 1" with no chairs on the floor

We cannot stack platforms, but we do have legs that are one step higher so we can go to three levels of seating.

There is a control booth for lights, sound, and AV. The projection screen is 8' 6" tall x 11' wide and can be operated from the booth. With the bottom of the screen at about 7' above the floor, there should not be sightline issues. The projector is a Sanyo PLC XP50/L.

For audio, we have Allen & Health board running crown amps over Renkis Hines speakers. It is set up to be very flexible, but there is no set up for surround sound–stereo only.

Questions? Call Linda Sullivan, Director of Facilities Programming, or 310.434.3427.